Winn Fly Grips

Many of you are likely familiar with the grip manufacturer, Winn Grips.

Known for making grips with tacky, non-slip, multiple polymer compounds for golf, tennis, bicycles and wraps, they have recently branched out into fishing applications, including fly fishing.

This is exciting news for those fly anglers who might find that the traditional portuguese cork grips become increasingly slippery and marked with sometimes deep pits despite one’s best efforts to maintain their original smooth and tactile state.

If you are not averse to experimenting with new technology, think about having a Winn fly grip installed on your next custom Nadi Fly Rod to avoid above noted issues while adding flair to your specially appointed instrument.

Currently, Winn Grips offers “western” and “full wells” grips as well as fighting butts to accompany the full wells grip for heavier rods:

The traditional “Western” (or half wells); 6″ length:

Burgundy (with fly pattern design)

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Natural (with fish scale design)

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The Full Wells grip; 7″ length:

Burgundy (with fly pattern design)

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Fly Cap for Burgundy Full Wells:


Natural (with fish scale design):

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Fly Cap for Natural Full Wells:


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