Nadi Fly Rods, LLC offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers breakage or other damage due to component defect or workmanship. It does not cover non-standard wear and tear–defined as any action not considered part of the regular care (see https://nadiflyrods.com/breaking-a-fly-rod/and the associated link) and use of a fly rod as intended by the manufacturer of the components and builder of the fly rod–of any individual Nadi Fly Rods fly rod by any original purchaser or recipient of a Nadi Fly Rods fly rod. A service fee of $50 will be paid for initial assessment of the rod defect or breakage and a quote will be created for the repair or replacement of the fly rod. Shipping of the entire fly rod to the manufacturer will be the responsibility of the customer. Nadi Fly Rods will bear the cost of return shipment whether or not the customer chooses to have the rod repaired or replaced. The cost of the repair or replacement will be paid by the customer before either repair or replacement is started



*The Nadi Fly Rods warranty does not apply to nor replace other manufacturers’ product warranties that are sold by Nadi Fly Rods, LLC unless explicitly detailed within the Nadi Fly Rods, LLC warranty description. Warranty registrations, applications and claims for non-Nadi Fly Rods, LLC products must be addressed directly to the appropriate manufacturers for complete warranty coverage.


*Nadi Fly Rods, LLC reserves the right to adjust the NADI FLY RODS, LLC WARRANTY  in the future based on any variety of factors including component manufacturer pricing and availability. Any changes will be publicly announced at nadiflyrods.com and through email list announcements.

*For questions regarding the NADI FLY RODS, LLC WARRANTY, please contact owner Randy Rodriguez at getyourflow@nadiflyrods.com or by telephone at 651-363-8362, including by text.