Custom Order

To place an order for your custom Nadi fly rod, please contact me by email, text, or telephone.

Indicate the following to me and I will create a quote based on how closely I can meet your preferences:

*Length of fly rod (9ft, etc.)

*Number of sections (2,3,4, etc. I generally like to build multiple piece rods, especially four pieces. They’re easier to align straight, often are lighter in weight than two piece blanks, and, for the client, are obviously easier to travel with.)

*Desired weight range (e.g., 5wt)

*Color scheme (Blank and thread color, etc. This may be affected by blank options and availability in any given price range. As I said earlier, the more you can spend, the more likely I can accommodate your specific desires.)

*Name and/or image on logo (Your nickname, for example. If you have a pic you want on the logo, you can submit that, too.)

*Price range  (Give me an idea of that money amount you can afford or are willing to spend.)

*Time frame  (When do you need or want the rod completed.)

*Payment.  Full payment is required in advance of ordering components and building the rod.


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