Nadi Fly Rods Everywhere!

I went fishing with two friends and loyal Nadi Fly Rods customers, Shad Thomas and Flynn Chivers.

We intended to fish Deer Creek Reservoir for small mouth bass, but discovered upon arrival that ramp access was blocked due to construction. (At least it was when we arrived before daylight.)

So, we headed up the road a bit to Jordanelle Reservoir to see if we could snag some smallies there.

On the way, we barely missed a deer crossing the highway, but it’s trailing companion hit us just behind and above the right rear tire. Not good for the deer, unfortunately!

Anyway, we caught bass and had a great time, but one thing stood out for me about this short excursion:

Nadi Fly Rods were the exclusive rod choice of all three of us! (For me, that was the day’s highlight.)

Our primary and backup rods were all Nadi Fly Rods making a total of six custom and retail Nadi Fly Rods fishing for small mouth bass. Even long-time fly angler Shad has replaced his Sage One with a Nadi Fly Rod–named the “Rack”–built on the PacBay Quickline blank.

(I loaned it to him to demo it on the “A” section of the Green River in Eastern Utah a few months ago and he hasn’t fished his Sage One since then. Says it easily outcasts his Sage and Thomas & Thomas rods!)

While the Nadi Fly Rods “brand” doesn’t rival the history and market power of the Sages, Scotts, Winstons, Thomas & Thomas, et al., one thing is evident to me and those many Nadi Fly Rods customers who have purchased multiple Nadi Fly rods: my rods consistently look amazing and easily outperform the competition regardless of price and quality of components and manufacture.

So, if you are serious about improving your fly fishing performance and experience like my Nadi Fly Rods friends and customers have, get your own expertly built Nadi Fly Rod. You WILL immediately see and feel the difference.

“…get your flow” with Nadi Fly Rods!

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