Kelly Galloup Loves Synthetic Fly Grips!

In this YouTube video from a couple of years ago, fly fishing guru and author, Kelly Galloup, explains how to test a fly rod without actually casting it with fly line installed.

But for the purposes of Nadi Fly Rods, it is his introductory comments about synthetic fly grips like Winn grips that I have installed on numerous builds that I find unusually provocative and useful.

Galloup challenges the cork grip orthodoxy, enthusiastically endorsing the use of synthetic grips. He predicts the eventual demise of cork grips in favor of synthetic grips for fly rods.

He says, “Do not be afraid of them; they rock!….I love these things. I wish every rod had them right now.”

Well, Mr. Galloup, Nadi Fly Rods offers them on every custom build and on all retail series Nadi Fly Rods.

And Nadi Fly Rods customers love them!

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