Fishing the Green

I was invited to go fish the Green River in eastern Utah last weekend (September 19-21) by friends and customers of Nadi Fly Rods, Shad Thomas and Keith Gordon. One of the scenic streams of the western U.S., it is also renowned for healthy population of large trout. But it is also a popular destination for kayak and float enthusiasts during the warmer seasons.

We spent three days there, floating and fishing during the day and unwinding/eating at the Flaming Gorge Resort in the evening. The weather was ideal except for a brief period of rain Sunday morning; mostly sunny, sometimes cloudy, but always gorgeous with the surrounding pink to redish canyon walls reminding us of our good fortune just to be there.

The only mild disappointment was that the fishing wasn’t better. Friday and Saturday were the slowest, probably because of the angler and tube hatch that was heavy both days, but particularly on Friday (the second day of the one-fly competition that we weren’t aware of initially). Sunday was better; less traffic, cloudier and cooler. But there were no insect hatches to attract fish to top water to slurp or slam insects, so dries and terrestrials were pretty much ineffective.

Most of the action was underneath and fairly deep. Guides were having their client anglers nymphing through deeper river currents with some success. Most of our success was from stripping Canadian blood and olive mohair leeches. We all caught fish into the double digits, but none of us caught more than sixteen fish over the three days.

I created a slideshow from the photos I took of the fabulous natural surroundings, our angling threesome, and a few of the fish we caught to document some of our time spent on the Green.

It was a great weekend spent with good friends, catching fish, eating good food, BSing, and floating a great stream. Tough to beat!

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