NADI Fly Rods, LLC is a small, independent fly rod building company that I, Randy Rodriguez, established in Springville, Utah in May 2011 with the idea to build fly rods one by one with a custom, professional attention to the highest level of aesthetic and performance detail.

After being away from the fly rod building and sales business for the past couple of years, I am happy to announce I am back–now in Portland, Oregon–and ready to sell incredible custom quality fly rods and quality accessories and merchandise to the fly angling public.

I have worked hard for the last couple of months to restock all the necessary equipment, supplies, and components to build rods with. I have built some wonderful, fresh fly rods and have a nice supply of fly reels and lines to set any angler up with a nice fly fishing package for the most popular fly fishing approaches.

Also, I have updated nadiflyrods.com with all products that are available for purchase and I will be updating shipping and warranty information including ensuring that the website’s ssl security certificate is current so that purchases made here will be securely completed.

I have plans to create a regular a newsletter to keep all friends of Nadi Fly Rods current with product offerings, special promotions, and fly fishing news and stories. Anyone who has news or ideas for the newsletter is welcome to submit them.

I am very excited to hear from you all and serve your fly fishing needs with some of the best fly fishing rods you will find anywhere and the gear and supplies that will enhance your fishing experiences.

Thank you!

Randy Rodriguez



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