Nadi Fly Rods offers a limited lifetime warranty on all fly rod purchases by original owners. This warranty covers manufacturing defects only in the original construction of the Nadi Fly Rod. Defects or failures in the original construction of the Nadi Fly Rod will be repaired or replaced, if possible, for the actual cost of the component (if it needs to be replaced) with no charge for the labor to complete the repair or replacement, i.e. components coming loose. This cost will be determined on a case by case basis and quoted to the purchaser before completing the warranty work. (The customer will be responsible for shipping the complete rod with all defective and/or broken parts to Nadi Fly Rods in order for it to be evaluated and a price quote for repairs/replacement generated.)

Original component defects and blank failures that include accidental breakage are not covered by this Nadi Fly Rods warranty. These failures and defects can be addressed directly to the component manufacturer, but this usually means surrendering the custom built rod to the blank or other component manufacturer. Nadi Fly Rods will not replace a broken rod with a new one that has been surrendered to a blank manufacturer even if the original purchaser receives a blank from the manufacturer in return.

(Nadi Fly Rods, as a custom builder, can’t afford to nor does it make sense to buy in bulk given the variety of blanks needed to build for a variety of discriminating needs and tastes. Therefore, the cost of components for NFR is much  higher than for the large U.S. domestic and international fly rod manufacturers who, through their assembly line production modes and use of cheap foreign labor, can build even premium fly rods for well under $100. [Yes. I’ve bought a few such samples from China/Korea for under $40, but the quality sucks!] Indeed, what most anglers fail to understand about fly rod pricing when it comes to the generous warranties they want is that the retail price of a fly rod is actually mostly insurance for when they do break their fly rod. If I could afford to build a high end performance rod for under $50, I could easily replace it–even given its original retail price of, say, $750–multiple times with a return processing fee of $75 +/- without making a huge dent in my profit margin.)

At the option of the original purchaser, if s/he chooses not to surrender a complete Nadi Fly Rod to a blank manufacturer, for example, in the case of a broken blank, Nadi Fly Rods will evaluate the failed or broken component for possible replacement. For example, if the blank breaks in the tip, NFR can purchase a new blank of the same brand (if still available) at wholesale pricing and simply build a new tip section. (NFR does not repair broken blanks.) The same would apply to any other broken blank section: build a new section to replace the broken one. (The most expensive repair would be a butt section because of the attached reel seat which is difficult to impossible to remove. A new butt section would likely require a completely new reel seat and cork grip, therefore this is the most costly blank section replacement.)

Before completing the replacement build, a price quote would be created for the purchaser, a new complete blank would be purchased–blank manufacturers don’t sell just extra tip or butt sections; a complete blank has to be purchased–in addition to any other components that might be necessary to complete the new section build.

Nadi Fly Rods stands behind every fly rod it builds and will honestly and faithfully make every attempt possible to keep costs down for every NFR customer while making his or her original custom fly rod build whole again. Nadi Fly Rods will stay true to its tradition of innovation and quality by not following the fly rod manufacturing herd. Every Nadi fly rod is a one-of-a-kind and deserves to be treated with the same quality care with which it was originally built. So if you have a problem with your Nadi fly rod, contact Randy first and with you, he will figure out how to fix it.


Randy Rodriguez, Owner/Manager

Nadi Fly Rods, LLC.



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