“Run” Warranty: $0

This is a limited lifetime warranty that covers breakage or other damage due to component defect or workmanship and non-standard wear and tear of any individual Nadi Fly Rods fly rod by any original purchaser or recipient of a Nadi Fly Rods fly rod. A service fee of $50 will be paid for initial assessment of the rod defect or breakage and a quote will be created for the repair or replacement of the fly rod. Shipping of the entire fly rod to the manufacturer will be the responsibility of the customer. Nadi Fly Rods will bear the cost of return shipment whether or not the customer chooses to have the rod repaired or replaced. The cost of the repair or replacement will be paid by the customer before either repair or replacement is started.

The “Run” warranty does not cover damage due to improper or negligent use or care of the fly rod and alteration or repair by the customer or other rod repair service.


“Riffle” Warranty:  $400

This is a lifetime, limited extended warranty that builds on the “Run” warranty’s limited lifetime warranty for breakage or other damage due to component defect and non-standard wear and tear. Rather than applying only to one fly rod, it covers the repair or replacement of all Nadi custom and retail fly rods purchased by any original purchaser or recipient of a Nadi Fly Rods fly rod before and after the creation of the current warranty program without the payment of a service fee to initialize warranty assessment and service.

The only payment for any Nadi Fly Rods fly rod repair or replacement will be for charges that rise above $150–e.g., the customer would pay $25 of a $175 quote for repair or replacement; if the quote is under $150 the customer pays nothing–once an assessment of the damaged fly rod is made. Non-expedited shipping to and from the manufacturer is also free under the terms of the “Riffle” warranty.

Like the “Run” warranty, the extended “Riffle” warranty does not cover repair or replacement for Nadi Fly Rods that have been damaged because of improper or negligent care or use and alteration or repair by the customer or other rod repair service.


“Flow” Warranty:  $1000

This is a lifetime, unlimited extended warranty and membership program that includes benefits beyond the repair and replacement of any Nadi Fly Rods fly rod purchased by the original purchaser or a recipient. It includes the following benefits and privileges:

*Unlimited lifetime coverage of all retail and custom Nadi Fly Rods purchased before or after the initiation of this warranty program which includes repair or replacement.

*No processing fee to submit a claim.

*No charge for repair or replacement.

*Free expedited shipping to and from the manufacturer.

*Purchases of retail Nadi Fly Rods fly rods receive an automatic 10% discount.

*Purchases of custom Nadi Fly Rod fly rod builds receive an automatic 15% discount.

*All other merchandise and component purchases from Nadi Fly Rods including Wychwood and Leeda products will receive an automatic 10% discount.

*Early notification of sales and special promotions including occasional restricted “Flow” program auctions and sales for one-of-a-kind Nadi Fly Rods or other special products.

*Finally, after one year of participating in this one-of-a-kind extended warranty program, a customer who has not submitted any claim for repair or replacement will receive a retail Nadi fly rod valued at $350 or less of their choice at no charge. After two years with no warranty claim, the client will receive a top-shelf, custom-built Nadi Fly Rod using the high performance RodGeeks Carbon 4 custom-colored fly blank with premium hardware and grip at no charge.



*The Nadi Fly Rods Warranty Program does not apply to nor replace other manufacturers’ product warranties that are sold by Nadi Fly Rods, LLC unless explicitly detailed within the Nadi Fly Rods, LLC warranty program description. Warranty registrations, applications and claims for non-Nadi Fly Rods, LLC products must be addressed directly to the appropriate manufacturers for complete warranty coverage.

*The Nadi Fly Rods, LLC warranty program allows for program upgrades at any time. Payment for any warranty program upgrade will be the difference between the original purchaser’s current warranty program and the desired program upgrade, e.g. from “Riffle” to “Flow” would be $600. Contact Nadi Fly Rods, LLC owner Randy Rodriguez directly in order to complete payment for the warranty program upgrade.

*To activate participation at any level in the Nadi Fly Rods Warranty Program, go to the “Nadi Store” at nadiflyrods.com (operated using Square) and locate the “Warranty” item category where you can click on “Nadi Fly Rods Warranty Program” and choose your preferred warranty option–“Run,” Riffle,” or “Flow”–from the drop down menu. Make your purchase and you will receive your warranty registration confirmation by email.

*A full refund or cancellation of the “Riffle” or “Flow” warranty may be made within thirty days of purchase. After thirty days the extended warranty purchase is not refundable.

*Nadi Fly Rods, LLC reserves the right to adjust the NADI FLY RODS, LLC WARRANTY PROGRAM in the future based on any variety of factors including component manufacturer pricing and availability. Any changes will be publicly announced at nadiflyrods.com and through email list announcements.

*For questions regarding the NADI FLY RODS, LLC WARRANTY PROGRAM, please contact owner Randy Rodriguez at getyourflow@nadiflyrods.com or by telephone at 801-310-8033, including by text.


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