Custom Orders

To place an order for your custom Nadi fly rod, please contact me by email, text, or telephone.

Indicate the following to me and I will create a quote based on how closely I can meet your preferences:

*Length of fly rod (9ft, etc.)

*Number of sections (2,3,4, etc. I generally like to build multiple piece rods, especially four pieces. They’re easier to align straight, often are lighter in weight than two piece blanks, and, for the client, are obviously easier to travel with.)

*Desired weight range (e.g., 5wt)

*Color scheme (Blank and thread color, etc. This may be affected by blank options and availability in any given price range. As I said earlier, the more you can spend, the more likely I can accommodate your specific desires.)

*Name on logo (Your nickname, for example.)

*Price range  (Take a look at the “Rod and Pricing Options” page here to get an idea of how your preferences might fit with what I can create for you and we’ll go from there.)

*Time frame  (When do you need or want the rod completed.)


I will do everything I can to build a custom fly rod to each client’s desires and specifications. I think I’ve done that quite well, often exceeding customer’s expectations, since I’ve been building, but sometimes there are limits to what I can do given that I am limited by component manufacturers’ offerings, certain technological constraints and objectives, and my financial limitations as a small company with limited inventory.

Here are a couple of manufacturing related approaches you should be aware of that might affect your decision to place an order:

*I build primarily with single foot guides, not snake guides, because they are easier to assemble, align, reduce labor time and cost, and reduce overall weight of the rod. (Less thread wrap, epoxy finish, rod building time.) There is disagreement among fly rod builders over their value in reducing weight and improving overall rod performance–it may be negligible, indeed, just a technological spec quibble amongst old and new traditionalists–but this is my preference.

*I have designed my own approach to logo/decal design that includes rod information on the top, bottom, and sides of the logo. It is innovative and may not appeal to traditionalists who expect all information to be on the right side–as one views the rod from the top–of the logo. I do this for different reasons including to reduce the size of the logo/decal which also reduces total rod weight, include more detailed information about the rod, and create new places for identifying important information for the angler to see. It may not appeal to everyone, but it achieves its objective, I think, in creating new perspectives of the rod and improving rod performance as well.

*Payment.  Full payment is required in advance of ordering components and building the rod.


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