Fly Rod Care


Fly Rods break. Them’s the facts. But why and how they break is another issue.

Usually its carelessness either in a non-fishing situation (e.g., stepping on them, closing a car door on them, bending the tip too much when installing the fly line prior to fishing, trying to loosen a snagged fly from a tree) or over-stressing the rod when fighting a fish because of not understanding how a fly rod is manufactured to function.

I have foolishly broken a couple of rods in non-fishing circumstances, but haven’t yet while fishing. This doesn’t make me a smarter or better fly angler; maybe I’m just lucky.

Regardless, let me provide some useful information for those of you interested in taking care of your valued fly rod whether it’s a Nadi fly rod or not. Follow this link to one of the best articles I’ve found explaining why we break so many fly rods and how to treat these valuable investments so we’re less likely to break them.

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