Custom Rods

Aaron’s custom 9ft 8wt for Alaska fishing:

Bon Bon’s custom 9ft 8wt for Alaska fishing:

Bumpy’s custom 9ft 6wt for fishing the Green River:

Dan’s custom “Skyserpent” 8 1/2 ft 5wt rod:

Flynn’s custom Utah Utes 8ft 5wt rod:

Kathy’s custom New York Yankees 8 1/2 ft 5wt rod:

Kory’s “Coffee’s for Closers” Diamond Fork 8ft 4wt rod:

Ron’s custom Chicago Cubs 8ft 4t rod:

Salem Hills High School Skyhawks’ custom 9ft 5wt rod for their 2015 Cheerleading silent auction:

Stormin’s custom San Francisco Giants 9ft 6wt rod:

Stuart’s custom 6 1/2 ft 2wt rod:

Trapper’s custom 9ft 8wt for catching big northerns:

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