NADI Fly Rods, LLC is a small, independent fly rod building and sales company located in Springville, Utah. It was established in May 2011 by Utah fly angler and fly rod builder Randy Rodriguez with the idea to build fly rods one by one with a custom, professional attention to aesthetic and performance detail.

This intense focus on creating not only an elegantly minimal work of art that performs flawlessly at any price point and spec level, addresses and overcomes the defects and weaknesses of the conventionally built–mass produced/assembly line/foreign manufactured/profit driven–fly rod whether it be an entry level budget or premium retail rod.

It results in not only in a new appreciation of what a fly rod can be and do for the thoughtful fly angler in pursuit of wary fish everywhere, but dramatically and fundamentally enhance the fly fishing experience for him or her. The rod, ironically, no longer is the focus of the angler’s attention; it becomes the subconscious conduit, indeed, the “flow” (nadi), for the angler lost in the fishing moment.

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