NADI Fly Rods, LLC is a small, independent fly rod building company that I, Randy Rodriguez, established in Springville, Utah in May 2011 with the idea to build fly rods one by one with a custom, professional attention to the highest level of aesthetic and performance detail.

For the past couple of years I have been unable to build Nadi Fly Rods and manage the company while selling and moving from my childhood home and completing a one-year teaching position at the Univrsity of Minnesota. But that time is over. Here is why:

Mildly bad news (not really): I decided the teaching position wasn’t a good fit for me so I won’t be returning to teaching.

Really good news (the actual truth): I am planning my return to custom fly rod building which means relocating to the western United States where my fly fishing experience and love of the outdoors is and always has been. It will be a challenge, but I am very excited and motivated to make a full-time commitment to the endeavor.

So bear with me as I make the transition back to doing what I love. It will be worth the wait, I guarantee it.

Thank you!

Randy Rodriguez


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