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Here’s an opportunity to order a special series of fly rods I have conceptualized and organized for different fishing experiences from small stream fly fishing for trout to extreme, big game pursuit of Salmon, Steelhead, Tarpon, and Permit fishing,

Each rod has been named with a local Utah stream or river that I have fished–Thistle, Diamond Fork, Provo, and Green–to big-game streams or locations (Alaksa and Mexico) I hope to fish in the future.

Regardless of the name, though, each of the six rods serves a different range of possibility from the 7ft 3wt “Thistle” to the 9ft 11wt “Permit.

They are all built on high performance, high modulus, custom colored Rodgeeks Carbon 4 fly blanks. These are superb, strong, extremely light in the hand, and sensitive-tipped, manufactured as a joint project of St. Croix and Rapsody, Inc.

In addition, as factory direct blanks, they are much more affordable than other available custom-colored blank manufacturers. (Anywhere from two-thirds to three-quarters the price of comparable quality blanks!)

This is a chance for fly anglers anywhere to experience the extreme quality and performance of a Nadi Fly Rod in ways not previously possible. Aesthetics, performance, and custom quality at killer prices!

To get yours, simply click on the specific rod you want built for you and pay for it.

I will order the components–it takes a couple of weeks to get the blank custom built and colored and all components ordered and shipped–and will complete the build within a couple of weeks of receiving all the components. (In terms of the listed custom colors for each rod, the lighter color will be painted on the lower third of the four piece blank, The darker color will be painted on the upper two thirds of the blank.)

Included with each rod will be an anodized aluminum, Nadi logoed rod tube with rod sock. Each rod ships free or charge to the purchaser within the domestic United States.

If you have questions about this incredible, new offering, please contact me.


Randy Rodriguez

As of today, January 21, 2016 through the end of February 2016, I am adding an extra incentive to place an order for one of these wonderful fly rods.

With each Nadi Fly Rod Series order I am including at NO EXTRA CHARGE one of the new oustanding Redington Zero or Behemoth fly reels to coordinate with the specific rod you order!

This is an unreal offer, so don’t waste time. Place your order now for one of these excellent rods and get your free Redington Behemoth or Zero fly reel specifically chosen to fit the color scheme and specs of each rod.

(Check the order basket to see the specific reel that will accompany the rod. No substitutions will be considered. As a reminder, each rod is built once an order is placed.

From the time of order of components to build completion and shipping, it will be 4-6 weeks for delivery depending where a given order falls in the queue.)



thistle - Copy



diamond fork - Copy



provo - Copy



green - Copy



kenai - Copy



permit - Copy




The connection and successful transfer of energy between different elements to achieve optimal performance and beauty: This is central to the meaning of Nadi, or “flow,” and serves as the basis for naming a new offering here at Nadi Fly Rods:

Introducing the first Nadi Fly Rod outfit: The “Balance.”

The components of this fly rod combo package have been carefully selected by Nadi Fly Rods owner and sole builder, Randy Rodriguez, to achieve a comprehensive balance. It is a balance not only in terms of the aesthetics—the beautiful black metallic blank, black anodized reel seat and coordinated black Redington reels—and performance—all components were selected not only for their durability and strength, but their reduced weight—but for the impressive cost to value ratio. For their moderate price, these outfits are outstanding values. Indeed, they make comparably priced retail, mass-produced combos, even of prestige brands, look down right bland in quality of build and performance.


There are three builds offered for these Nadi Fly Rods “Balance” outfits:

A small-game outfit (7ft – 3wt – 4pc)

“Balance 1”

(Reg. $489.99 Sale $389.99)


A mid-game outfit (9ft – 5wt – 4pc)

“Balance 2”

(Reg. $519.99 Sale $409.99)


A big-game outfit (9ft – 8wt – 4pc)

“Balance 3”

(Reg. $569.99 Sale $449.99)

Each outfit is built on the RodGeeks Carbon 4 fly blank (black metallic).

The two smaller-game outfits will be paired with the Alps RA701 reel seat, Winn natural western grip, and the new, very lightweight Redington Zero fly reel. (The 2/3 weight for the small-game rod and 4/5 reel for the mid-game rod.)

The big-game package will feature the Alps RA701L2 reel seat, Winn natural full wells grip with fighting butt, and the new lightweight, powerful Redington Behemoth fly reel (7/8 weight).

Each outfit will be finished with outstanding Batson and American Tackle guides and stripping guides and Rio’s top-shelf Rio Gold weight forward floating fly lines to create an effortless casting and fishing experience for the fly angler handling these outstanding outfits.

These are truly incredible values that Nadi Fly Rods is pleased to offer. Of course, each purchase will be covered by our standard limited lifetime warranty, be shipped free within the domestic United States, and include a rod sock and tube. (When placing your order, be sure to indicate a name/nickname you want to personalize the rod with.)

personalized rod builds - Copy

(Each rod is built once an order is placed. From the time of order of components to build completion and shipping,

it will be 4-6 weeks for delivery depending where a given order falls in the queue.)









Check out the first of what will be new fly rod offerings built here at Nadi Fly Rods on some of the best known fly rod brand names.

I will list and price rod builds in the most popular lengths and weights, but will build in any available size on any available blank including Sage, Orvis, St. Croix, and Temple Fork.

Also, I am adding an extra benefit if you place an order for any brand name rod listed here. Like the Nadi Fly Rod Series rods, I am including at NO EXTRA CHARGE a Redington Behemoth or Zero fly reel that fits the color scheme and technical specs of each specific rod build!

In the case of the Sage Bolt build, I will add the “Behemoth” in a 5/6 weight in the gunmetal color scheme to make this one incredible combination!

So place your order for this special rod now to get the Redington reel as well.

(This offer is only good now–Januray 21, 2016–through the end of February. The reel is listed in the order basket in addition to the fly rod order.

No reel substituions will be considered. The rod is built once an order is placed. From the time of order of components to build completion and shipping,

it will be 4-6 weeks for delivery depending where a given order falls in the manufacturing queue.)


sage bolt build - Copy


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