• montana nypmh

    Tying a Montana Nymph

    Here’s me tying a Montana nymph. I don’t usually take this long to tie them although they do require a few steps. To get a decent close-up of the process, I placed the camera in front of me, just underneath the fly secured on the vice, and between my arms. It was a little awkward, »more

  • rrfdf

    Video: Fishing Diamond Fork 2-5-15

    I rigged me up a makeshift video recording system in order to grab some snippets of me landing a trout or two out on Diamond Fork recently. I have my eye on a decent action cam for future HD recording, but for now this will have to do. Thanks for watching! Randy Rodriguez  

  • 001

    Nadi Fly Rods fly reels!

    New for Nadi Fly Rods! See the new Nadi Fly Rods entry level and high performance fly reels, the “Source” and “Release”! These are outstanding fly reels with top shelf performance and aesthetic characteristics to please the most discriminating fly angler including sophisticated drags for stopping power and attractive anodized aluminum finishes. Availability is currently »more

  • 005

    Fish from Cleveland and Huntington Reservoirs 10-20-2014

    Fished for two hours at Cleveland Reservoir and three hours at Huntington Reservoir today. (Had to get out; fishing is like my bi-weekly constitutional.) Slow fishing day, but great weather. More anglers out than I thought there would be–a long weekend for many outdoor enthusiasts because of the deer hunt?–and I heard a fair amount »more

  • 013

    Fishing Duck Fork Reservoir

    This past Wednesday, I met up with gentleman and superb fly angler, Tom Ogden. I have the greatest respect for Tom. He’s always treated me with kindness and respect even when I approached him as a complete stranger for the first time a few years ago with an email question about fishing in Southeastern, Utah »more

  • crb

    Fishing the Green

    I was invited to go fish the Green River in eastern Utah last weekend (September 19-21) by friends and customers of Nadi Fly Rods, Shad Thomas and Keith Gordon. One of the scenic streams of the western U.S., it is also renowned for healthy population of large trout. But it is also a popular destination »more

  • small stream

    Small Stream Fishing

    Check out a new slide show/video of some of my recent small stream fishing.