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    Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon

    Read this interesting piece by Carl McNeil of Swift Flyfishing comparing monofilament to fluorocarbon leader and tippet materials.   Cutting through the bullshit – The “Mono” Vs Fluoro’ debate. I believe it’s Lefty that is credited with saying “There’s more bullshit in fly fishing than in a Texas cattle yard” (excuse the French) A phrase »more

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    Fishing the Green

    I was invited to go fish the Green River in eastern Utah last weekend (September 19-21) by friends and customers of Nadi Fly Rods, Shad Thomas and Keith Gordon. One of the scenic streams of the western U.S., it is also renowned for healthy population of large trout. But it is also a popular destination »more

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    Small Stream Fishing

    Check out a new slide show/video of some of my recent small stream fishing. Share the Nadi. Share your flow.

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    Gump’s first catch with “Gump”

    My man Gump–Adam Smith–shows off his first catch–a beautiful brown–with his recently finished custom Nadi Fly Rod, “Gump”. Just the first of many successes with a beautiful, high performance Nadi fly rod! Order your own custom Nadi today to similarly experience Adam’s pleasure of fishing with the best! get your flow… Share the Nadi. Share »more

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    Adam’s New Custom Nadi Fly Rod!

    New client, Adam Smith, AKA “Gump”, picked up his new Nadi Fly Rod, he appropriately named Gump, this afternoon (7-28-14). Like a proud new papa–he just took up fly fishing recently under the experienced tutelage of Kory Horlacher, also a die-hard Nadi Fly Rod addict–he holds his beautiful new baby with pride and care. Lucky »more

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    Breaking a Fly Rod

    Fly Rods break. Them’s the facts. But why and how they break is another issue. (The content of this post is also the start of a page on this site titled “Fly Rod Care.”) Usually its carelessness either in a non-fishing situation (e.g., stepping on them, closing a car door on them, bending the tip »more

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    Backyard Casting

    On July 1, I decided to film myself doing what I often do after finishing a rod build. I go to my enclosed backyard and cast some line to make sure the rod does what it’s supposed to do and briefly check out its overall performance and feel. This rod was an 8 1/2 ft, »more